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Citi-Sprint FAQ's

  1. Why use Citi-Sprint?
  2. What are your service hours?
  3. As an individual member of the public, rather than an account holder or business owner, can I use your services on a cash basis?
  4. Do you have your own offices in most South African cities and towns to offer both excellent service and less expensive rates?
  5. How do I request a collection?
  6. How quickly do you execute a collection request?
  7. My current courier offers both Track & Trace facilities and Proof of Deliveries (POD's) online. Do you offer the same?
  8. Many courier companies charge for hard copy POD's. Do you charge for POD's?
  9. When a courier company's rates are too low, service levels are often not sustained. How does Citi-Sprint manage to offer competitive rates while at the same time ensuring that high service standards are maintained?
  10. What are fuel and security surcharges, and why do you charge them?
  11. Are goods shipped with Citi-Sprint automatically insured, and why do I need insurance if you are reliable?
  12. Does the size of the parcel determine the cost?
  13. What are Citi-Sprint's delivery times?
  14. What is Economy freight/Budget cargo?
  15. How is a 'Regional' or 'Outlying area' determined?
  16. What is a 'Special' delivery?
  17. How do I request a Special delivery?
  18. When is a delivery classified as an 'After hours' one?
  19. How do you tell the difference between an international document and an international parcel, and is there a substantial difference in cost?
  20. Can one send an International consignment for overnight delivery?
  21. What paperwork or documentation needs to accompany international shipments?
  22. Do you deliver to the Post Office?
  23. Why does one need a waybill?
  24. Do you charge for stationery?
  25. Do you provide packaging material?
  26. Which goods are considered to be Dangerous or Hazardous?