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2015 Rates Increase

10 Feb 2015

Our annual increase is effective from March, and all clients should have received their individual notifications by now.

The average rates increase in the logistics industry for this year varies between 8 – 12%, as far as we were able to ascertain thus far, although further announcements in this regard are expected from industry players during the next few weeks.

Most fuel surcharges in the logistics industry vary between 22 – 29%, and in some instances, are set at above 30% per waybill.

Some other transportation challenges beyond our immediate control include volatile fuel prices, toll costs on national shipments, security surcharges on both air-freight and other national shipments, and hi-jacking of vehicles, the latter of which incur higher insurance costs.

Despite the challenges mentioned above, we managed to retain our fuel surcharge at 18% since March 2014, despite fuel price spikes during the course of last year. This enabled our clients to make accurate financial projections for the year, without having to deal with a fuel levy variable on a month to month basis.

Knowing full well that our clients - and consumers in general - are staggering under ever-increasing financial demands from many levels, we make every effort to accommodate clients with our rates increases. Therefore, in 2015, we will continue with the same fuel surcharge percentage of 18% for as long as possible - but hopefully for the whole of the financial year - while our waybill surcharge also remains at R 5.00 per waybill.