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A Time to say Good-bye

10 Feb 2015

In life, from time to time, we are faced with having to say good-bye.

Fifteen years with Citi-Sprint is no mean feat, and this is exactly how long Esmeralda Beauzick, our Accounts Supervisor, has been with us.

She has spend virtually her whole working career with us, and during these years she got married and had two sons. They are the main reason why her family are moving back to her home town, where they will enjoy a more relaxed country upbringing close to their grandparents.

Esmerelda Beauzick

Leaving us for the same reasons are Esmeralda’s husband, Isaac, and his brother, Julian. Isaac has been one of our designated drivers in the Helderberg basin, as well as Stellenbosch, while Julian mainly serviced the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, also as a driver.

Isaac and Julian

While Isaac and Julian have already made the move, Esmeralda will only leave at the end of March.

Although they will all be dearly missed, they leave with our blessings, and we wish them a wonderfully successful and happy new life in the countryside.

Hasta la vista!