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Januarius - A new beginning

11 Jan 2011

Although the highly accurate Gregorian calendar had only been adopted by some countries, such as Russia,as late as roundabout the time of World War I, today it is used by most.

However, the names of the months all derive from the Roman Republican calendar, and January or Januarius, is named after Janus, the god of doors and all entrances; of beginnings and endings. According to legend, Janus sat at thebrink of heaven and earth. As depicted on the illustration of a coin above, Januspresented two faces - those of a youngman and an old one, respectively symbolising a beginnining and an end. He also held in his left hand a key with which to open all things such as the gates of heaven to set the sun free at dawn and again lock it at the endof each day. With a sceptre held in his right hand he controlled allundertakings as well as their development. As one writer put it, '...the world moved on its hinges at his command.'

And that's our wish for 2011 for all of us: as we have ended a challenging year, let us all take command of our lives in 2011 and steer it towards a fresh beginning of great dreams, great hopes, tremendous expectation and audacious daring to start living them.

Let's move OUR worlds on their hinges at OUR command!


'Something old' and 'something new' will run parallel

As announced late last year, we are planning to forward all invoices in future via e-mail.

However, in order toensure a smooth transition, we will be sending it out in both formatsfor a few months: hard copies and e-mails. We would appreciate your co-operation in this regard, as wewould need details ofyour most current contact person(s) and their e-mail address(es) in terms of account payments.

Kindlyforward us confirmation of the latter details.


Adequate packaging and insurance cover safeguard against possible losses

Over the busy season last year, we had a few occasions where goods were damaged due to insufficient packaging and inadequete content descriptions. Although we do keep some packaging material for emergencies, please ensure that your shipments are adequately packaged.

Insurance: Cover is not automatic, and insurance therefore is available on a request basis. Insurance details appear on our rates cards, and our Standard Trading Conditions can be obtained for further details in this regard.

Packaging: In terms of our Standard Trading Terms, the courier shall not be liable for loss or damage to documents or goods caused by inadequate or inappropriate packaging. We are however happy to assist with suggestions and advice, and can provide contact details of packaging manufacturers.

For any help in this regard, contact Nino at or Taswill at


The fuel surcharge is R 5.02, effective as of Wednesday, 5th January.


"Everyone's life is under someone's control - it might as well be under your own so that you can direct your destiny." - Harry Tucker

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