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New service introduced

11 Oct 2010


Overnight Road Express for bulk freight 

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer Overnight Road Express for bulk freight to the following destinations 

Cape Town - Johannesburg: R 250.00 up to 10 kg's; R 10/kg thereafter 

Cape Town - Bloemfontein: R 250.00 up to 10 kg's; R 10/kg therafter 

Cape Town - Pretoria: R 250.00 up to 10 kg's; R12/kg thereafter 

Please note: All rates are exclusive of VAT as well as the security and fuel surcharges. 

Collections by 11h00; delivered the next day by 15h00.  

Completing 'Goods description/content' is critical 

'Known shipper' needs to know 

You may be aware that that we have been operating in accordance with Part 108 of the Airline Security Regulations for almost one and a half years now. 

Amongst other measures, it involves a screening and handling process that all cargo must undergo with each and every airline before carriage of such goods can take place.

Added to this is the requirement for all courier companies to qualify for 'Known Shipper' status in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority of South Africa.

The Known Shipper security program has been adopted globally, and effectively eliminates the anonymous shipment of all on both passenger and cargo-only flights. 

For us to maintain our 'Known Shipper' status as well as do our bit towards airtravel safety, we need you to please complete the Goods description/content section on our waybill with specifics and in detail, i.e.'gas cannister' or 'hair scissors' rather than 'container' or 'tool'.

In the past 2 weeks, we have had 2 parcels which contained hazardous material; it had to be pulled off air-freight after sniffer dogs identified them. they were road-freighted instead, but the non-disclosure of content of course resulted in the delayed delivery of these parcels.


Plan in advance

To avoid delays in the delivery of the approaching season's gifts and invitations, please bear the following in mind when you do your planning:

Waybills - legible, complete details required

Packaging - prevent breakages or damage

Feel free to contact Nino or Taswill for any advice you may need in this regard.


The fuel surcharge for October is R 4.65, effective as of 6th October.

Don't just send it ... Citi-Sprint it!