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Police Clearance Certificates

16 Mar 2015

Please keep in mind that we only transport the applicable documentation to Pretoria and back. 

The lead time for processing the applications are currently taking longer than the usual six to eight weeks quoted by officials at the various SAPS Community Centres, due to a backlog created by the prolonged post office strike during the last quarter of 2014.

It has come to our attention though that on occasion, staff members at the Criminal Record Centre (CRC) at Sanlam Plaza in Pretoria have put the blame for the slow processing of applications on the courier, which is simply not the case, as we have nothing to do with the process, other than the transportation of the documents.

Call volumes to our offices for news on clearance certificates remain high and people struggle to get through to us via telephone, which is why we are busy adding an electronic database on our website to alleviate some frustration in this regard. Through our existing POD tracking facility on our website, CRC applicants will soon be able to check whether their documents have been delivered in Pretoria, or whether return documents have already been collected from Pretoria.