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Silly Season Secrets

10 Dec 2008

Compiled by Marisa Theron

Citi-Sprint alleviates Season Headaches

Let us be completely honest and transparent up front - there is absolutely nothing we can do to help with a headache of the over-indulgent variety.

However, we can certainly help with those last-minute,frantic deliveries, and you will be relieved from having to rush around like a person possessed, with (again!) too much to do and too little time. We just stop short of offering to do the Christmas shopping as well, but then again,we have after all freed up time in your busyschedule for that. You should have some fun shopping too; you deserve it!

On a more serious note though, let's see what needs to be done to prevent those nasty headachesfrom invading your headspace in the first place:

  • Plan to get invitations andgifts send off as early as possible.
  • Clearly indicate which service is required to avoid unnecessary costs and ensure timeous delivery.
  • Package parcels properlyto prevent any breakages or damage. Clearly display detailed consignee information. The moreinformation provided, the smaller the chances of any delay.

PLEASE REMEMBER we are available 24/7:

  • After hours.
  • Weekends.
  • ALL public holidays.

Try us!


Hangover cures - home-made brew or pharmaceutical magic?

Oh, but to find the perfect hangover cure to save the overindulging from the dehydration that causes the brain to shrink away ever so slightly from the skull, resulting in those horrific headaches and nausea!

Many of these so-called cures contain basic nutrients such as vitamin C and B6, and often even some form of charcoal, which helps to absorb alcohol in the body.They all help with the body's recovery from the damage inflicted on the nervous system by the alcohol.

Some stil swear by more natural home-made cures such as bananas for their potassium, honey & toast, something greasy like a full English breakfast, or simply gulping down gallons of water - which is also still the cheapest cure around!

Of course the best way to avoid a hangover altogether, and one I fully subscribe to is even simpler than the cheapest cure - just don't drink too much! (I already hear the chorus in the background chanting 'Boring! Party-pooper!') All right, since the last bit of advice is regarded as rather prim by many, and proclaimed not very practical by most, let's accept the inevitable.

For possible 'regmakers', check out the following:

  • Drink plenty of water before, during, and after drinking alcohol
  • Take vitamin supplements
  • Eat something the morning after, prefarably something healthy, not greasy Stick to drinks of the paler variety, and avoid the large, sweeter ones with all the decorations even if it is Christmas or New Year - they mess with blood sugar levels.
  • Lastly, try the famous 'Aunt Emma's cure':

         - 1 large can of tomato juice
         - 3 tablespoons of vinegar
         - 3 tablespoons sugar
         - 4 stalks of celery
         - 4 slices of onion
         - juice of 1 lemon

Blend, stand overnight, strain and drink.


On behalf of each and every one of us at Citi-Sprint, I would like to wish you and yours a Blessed Season and a Prosperous 2009.

The year ahead certainly will have its challenges, but we are determined to make the new year one of convenience for you in terms of collections and deliveries, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Should you be traveling during the holidays, do so safely and observe the rules of the road.

And, should you be suffering from the above-mentioned ailment, rather leave a day later!

PS:Cape Town may have a mountain, but we are prepared to move it . . .

just for you!