Client Testimonials

I just wanted to give you feedback that my daughter received the box in Hobe Sound USA yesterday 👌 all intact and she is super happy to have received South African snacks to enjoy!


I was super impressed with the service I received .. from the first contact with you, assistance with the customs documents and all your advice every step of the way.


Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤

Thirza Stevens

Always great service, compliments to the delivery man. He is so pleasant, always positive, what a pleasure working with people like this.

Shantelle Booysen

Hi Andy,


I believe it is time for me to thank Citi Sprint yet again and long overdue.


I cannot thank Citi Sprint and ALL staff enough for the excellent service provided to me – at all times: no matter what/when/who/day/where, together they really do make everything happen, and in a flash.


Specifically please thank:


JAMELE!!! – My companies main MAN – The BOSS JJ Our fundamental point of contact, and he knows my company and even my own clients better than myself.


RICHARD – can quadruple task, make 3 miracles happen in one go and always feeds back/checks/informs/keeps in contact regardless of even detonation J.


MATTHEW – ‘Mr. Professional’ himself who still treats me, after all this time, as if I am the Queen - “Please initial and sign here Ma’dam” EVERY… single time J


WESLEY – literally Citi’s SPRINT – beyond polite, friendly and FAST deliveries


TASWILL – “T for Take control superbly, when everyone is AWOL” ……T don’t always sound so nervous on the phone – I’m not that bad J


BETU – the CONCORDE got to my client in 25 minutes after being actioned at 16h30! on a Friday! through peak traffic! Unreal! Andy please send me any speeding fines, no problem J


HANS – super quick, even stops anywhere and in 5 degrees, pouring rain and WAY after hours still smiling, just to keep me and my clients happy – thank you!!


WENDY – controls and delegates to all the men just superbly J


NINO CAPPUCCINO – What can I say - the Best ‘boer maak 'n plan’ and Ops Manager ever known and excellent!:)


Pat, Esmerelda, Hans, Wernen, Kashiem, Norman. And absolutely everyone else involved. If it was not for Citi Sprint, my business would not be open today without a doubt.


Thank you ALL CS staff for the hard work, long hours and dedication towards us as the clients – and the miracles which you always make happen, it is unbelievable…  All your efforts really help us to keep all our businesses alive!


Keep it up CS.



Dear Andy,


I am huge complainer of bad service (which seems to surround us daily!) so always make a point of complimenting excellent service when I’m lucky enough to find it. I have only been a CitiSprint client for a short while (and am small fry!), however, I am so impressed with the exceptional service I’ve received up until now. Nino is an absolute star – he is friendly and takes the trouble to not only assist but goes out of his way to find the perfect solution for clients and Clive, who picks up and delivers in my area, is also a pleasure to work with. Such a great, helpful attitude.


Whatever you/CitiSprint is doing, you’re doing it right and, again, in a country where I’m constantly being worn down by bad service suppliers, it’s fabulous to find a company that goes above and beyond – what a pleasure!


Thank you,


I needed a courier for a quick one-time pick up. Citi-sprint made it SO easy and delivered quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Citi-Sprint's professional and friendly service!

Michael Paskevicius

Dear All,


I just want to let you know, that today will be my last day here. I am taking “permanent” maternity leave and have decided to be a full time mom soon. It was such a huge pleasure working with each one of you and you have definitely showed me that the words “best in the industry” is there for a reason!! Thank you for your contribution in making my time here at WC very special. All the best for the future.



Yolande du Toit

Office Manager

To whom it may concern,


I have worked with Citi-Sprint in my capacity as Events Manager in the Office of the Executive Mayor and have made use of their services on various occasions when other companies could not deliver on the unique, and sometimes urgent, requests emanating from this office.


Their experience with the handling of the Executive Mayor's confidential matters and high profile clients and their attention to detail is well known.


They maintain the highest standards when it comes to dealing with the demands of a high profile office and never gets flustered when jobs are bogged down in procurement or productions issues. Their work ethic cannot be equalled and they always deliver on time and within budget.


l have the greatest respect and appreciation for their contribution to the very high standards that are maintained in the Office of the Executive Mayor.


Your faithfully

Fritz Marx

Manager: Protocol and Mayoral Events

Good morning Pat,


Not every day in SA can be so great! Or can it? We phoned you, spoke to Richard & before we could write out the envelope Charles rang the bell in Kenilworth. This is service that exceeds expectations! May I offer my congratulations to all who run the "well oiled" communications at Citi-sprint. If you go public I would love to invest in as many shares possible in the pre-listings, or are you listed! With your service standards you will be around for a long time.


Warmest regards