Our Services

We offer reliable services with a personal touch – no call centre queue delays or long waits before you are attended to. When you call us, you immediately get attention from one of our Operations Supervisors who are all experienced to directly answer your shipment questions or place your collection.

Our billing is transparent with no hidden costs such as document fees or stationery charges, and you do not need an engineering degree to interpret our rates cards either!

Cash client or account holder, we welcome your business. Partner with us and experience good, old-fashioned service excellence!

Operations: Monday – Friday at the office: 08h00-18h00.

We are however on call 24/7 via telephone. Contact us on 021-511 3105 even after hours, and we will gladly assist.

Accounts: Monday – Friday: 8h00-16h30.

Account managers: Monday – Friday: 8h00-17h00

You may call your collection in, e-mail us on csprint@citisprint.co.za, or book it online.

The Operations Managers assign your collection to a route while communicating all the collection details are communicated per radio to our drivers. Apart from radio communication, all our drivers can be contacted via telephone

Call us at our offices or submit a quotation request to csprint@citisprint.co.za; you will receive your own personalised quotation in print. Upon calculation of your quote, the system will issue a unique quotation number for reference purposes. Once a quote has been accepted, a waybill number can be referenced to a quote at a later stage, thus alerting the accounts department and minimising the chance for billing discrepancies to slip through.

*Our quotations are valid for 60 days. Should our proposal however be accepted within this period, the quoted rates will hold firm for 12 months. Should the indicated volumes not be met or maintained after 3 months, the rates initially agreed upon may be adjusted.

All POD’s are imaged and available for viewing online or downloading.

After many years of delivering travel document applications, we are the service provider of choice to many travel companies, office managers and PA’s alike!

Consulates and embassies that are serviced are located mainly in Pretoria, although Johannesburg and Cape Town are no exception, as we service them as well. Please contact us for rates or further details.

Since one does not have to be an account holder to make use of our services, the general public contact us to take and return their Police Clearance Certificates to Pretoria.

Sending these important documents via courier than regular post, cuts down on the turn-around time. Since the certificate is only valid for 6 months from the date of issue, every bit of time-saving helps. And our door-to-door delivery ensures that your documents actually
get to you!

For shipment purposes we require the following information:

South African citizens: Full names & ID numbers
Foreign citizens: Full names & date of birth

Certain commodities cannot be air-freighted due to their hazardous nature.
Please refer to our National Services for a more detailed summary of Hazardous Goods, alternatively contact us directly.

Both the nature of a shipment and/or the place of origin or destination may attract certain surcharges. For example, deliveries to regional or regional outlying areas carry a surcharge; so do tender documents.


Standard Surcharges


Fuel levy – Applicable to Local & National Services
This surcharge is standard throughout the industry, and was introduced at a time when domestic fuel prices experienced extreme fluctuations. To safeguard against similar extreme courier rates fluctuations which would negatively have affected clients’ day to day business operations and planning, a fuel levy was introduced to act as a cost stabilizer. Although fluctuations in the fuel price are not always that extreme these days, the levy still acts as a stabilizer to allow for rates increases annually, rather than more often.

While most courier companies calculate a percentage of the value of the waybill as their fuel surcharge, or in some instances do not even disclose such a levy upfront, Citi-Sprint charge a flat rate per waybill. This flat rate is determined by the local fuel price, and depending on the status of the fuel price for the month, is adjusted up or down on the first Wednesday of each month. The highest level ever reached was R 7.67.


Security Surcharge – Applicable to National & International Services
You may be aware that couriers have been operating in accordance with Part 108 of the Airline Security Regulations since mid-2009. Amongst other measures, it involves a screening and handling process that all cargo must undergo with each and every airline before carriage of such goods can take place. Implementing and maintaining the required security measures that this additional regulation demanded, resulted in huge financial injections in the courier and freight industries globally. A security surcharge was introduced in the industry to offset these costs.

Added to this is the requirement for all courier companies to qualify for 'Known Shipper' status in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority of South Africa. The Known Shipper security program has been adopted globally, and effectively eliminates the anonymous shipment of all on both passenger and cargo-only flights.


Non-Standard surcharges


After hours
A collection is considered to be after hours and will attract the appropriate surcharge on weekdays after 17h00 -8h00, and on weekends after 12h00 on Saturday through Sunday.

Contact us for more specific surcharge details.


Specific areas/destinations
A surcharge automatically apply to all deliveries to chain stores, mines, power stations, plots or farms; resorts, game reserves and National Parks; and rural areas and townships.


High risk areas
Certain areas within which crime is high and vehicle hi-jacking is a frequent occurrence, a surcharge applies.

Please Contact us for detailed information in this regard.


Main centres

The following destinations are regarded as Main Centres:

  • Johannesburg (JNB)
  • Cape Town (CPT)
  • Durban (DUR)
  • Port Elizabeth (PLZ)
  • East London (ELS)
  • Pretoria (PRY)
  • George (GRJ)
  • Bloemfontein (BFN)
  • Kimberley (KIM)

As a guideline, any destination situated beyond a 30 km radius of any Main Centre CBD, will be regarded as Regional.

Saturday deliveries to a Regional destination will have to be arranged in advance.


Volumetric vs. Actual Weight

When it comes to the transportation of goods, one ultimately pays for space. Therefore courier shipments are charged either on volumetric weight or actual weight, both calculated in kilograms.

Actual weight of course is determined by simply weighing the parcel, while volumetric weight involves a little more work: measure the parcel in centimetres, and then multiply the three dimensions (width x height x length), and then divide by the conversion factor applicable to a particular service.


PLEASE NOTE: The conversion factor differentiation is as follows:

Volumetric Conversion Factor for road-freight: 5 000
Volumetric Conversion Factor for air-freight: 5 000

Please refer to our FAQ’s for further details.



The responsibility is ultimately the sender or consignor’s to ensure that goods are adequately secured.

Insurance cover is not automatic, but is applied on a request basis. Please refer to our Standard Terms and Conditions for full details on Exclusions and Stipulations.

Claim settlements are subject to the insurers declaring the packaging adequate, and an excess of R 250.00 applies to all claims. Second-hand or used items can only be insured against total loss, and not against damage. On national shipments, the cost factor for consignments eligible for insurance coverage is R 50.00 up to R 1 500.00, thereafter 1.5% of value. For insurance cover on local shipments done by our vehicles throughout the Peninsula, a surcharge of R 10.00 up to R 1 500.00 applies, with a maximum of up to R 15 000.00.



We reserve the right to charge for packaging materials used to secure consignments prior to shipping, in order to cover our costs.

Please consult our Packaging Tips for guidelines in this regard.



In accordance with South African law, all rates attract Value-Added Tax, with the exception of International shipments, which are VAT-exempt.



We gladly accommodate both cash clients and account holders, since many business owners prefer to pay cash or via EFT rather than establish credit facilities.

Our terms are strictly 30 days from date of statement. Our Operations and Accounting systems are integrated, and closely monitor late payments and accountholders that exceed credit limits. In such cases, the accounts are put on ‘’Stop Supply’ mode until settlement of outstanding monies.