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Police Clearances

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Since one does not have to be an account holder to make use of our services, the general public contact us to take and return their Police Clearance Certificates to Pretoria.

Sending these important documents via courier than regular post, cuts down on the turn-around time. Since the certificate is only valid for 6 months from the date of issue, every bit of time-saving helps. And our door-to-door delivery ensures that your documents actually
get to you!

How It Works - Going to CRC

Your documents are collected from you at the address that you have provided, an amount is charged for 1 x clearance and an additional R50.00 for every extra clearance thereafter. These documents are placed in a flyer bag which is delivered to the Criminal Records Centre the following day.

Kindly note that it takes 3-4 weeks to finalise the application.

The fee payable is for one way and we do not accept any monies for bringing the documents back to you until your clearance has been finalised and we can arrange collection.

How It Works - Collecting from CRC

Once your clearance has been finalised you will receive a sms from the Criminal Records Centre with a unique reference number. In order for us to collect you need to sms or email us the unique reference number, your name & surname and DOB. We supply them with a list daily and process takes 3 - 5 working days as we need to follow the procedure with Pretoria where they sign, print & stamp the clearances before dispatching them.
Once we have received your clearance in the office we will contact you to make arrangements for delivery.

Procedure Guidelines

Citi Sprint has no control of the documents once they have been delivered to Pretoria, and we cannot in any way speed up the process or request that your process is prioritised.

If you want Citi Sprint to collect your clearance once it has been finalised then do not put your documents in a self-addressed envelope as they send this back via the postal system.

We do not get the SMS once your document has been finalised - this is only sent to the applicant. If you have not received a notification you can follow up on the status of your application by logging onto the SAPS website and follow the instructions.

For shipment purposes we require the following information:

South African citizens: Full names & ID numbers
Foreign citizens: Full names & date of birth