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Police Clearances

Police Clearances – Collecting from SAPS

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Yolandé, Thandi


New Procedure

Even though there are new procedures in place for sending clearances to the SAPS, Citi-sprint is still allowed to collect clearances from Pretoria CRC going back to clients once your police clearance has been finalized.


How It Works - Collecting from CRC


Once your clearance has been finalized you will receive a sms from the Criminal Records Centre with a unique reference number. In order for us to collect you need to sms or email us the unique reference number, your name & surname and DOB. We supply them with a list daily and process takes 3 - 5 working days as we need to follow the procedure with Pretoria where they sign, print & stamp the clearances before dispatching them.
Once we have received your clearance in the office we will contact you to make arrangements for delivery.